About the Car Craft Group

Car Craft is the longest established organisation of its type in the motor body repair industry in Australia

In 1987 Car Craft Panel & Paint Ltd was formed in Western Australia by a small group of body repair business proprietors with a vision to establish a network of professional businesses to lift standards in the body repair industry. The company trades as Car Craft Accident Repair Centres.

There are now Car Craft Accident Repair Centres in Western Australia, Queensland and South Australia providing consumers with quality workmanship, excellent customer service and professional business systems.

In 2011 Car Craft commenced a brand marketing program with the aim of becoming a national group. That culminated in 2015 with the inclusion of 33 members of Master Collision Repair Specialists in South Australia who rebranded to Car Craft.

Car Craft has around 80 repair centres in those three States, covering Perth, Brisbane, Adelaide and other areas and negotiations are underway to continue to establish professional groups in Victoria, ACT and New South Wales.

Car Craft supports its membership by;

  • Negotiating national purchasing arrangements, supply agreements with suppliers and work providers;
  • Coordinating national group marketing and promotional activities;
  • Establishing and maintaining superior standards of workmanship, business presentation and customer service throughout the Australia, and
  • Representing the members’ interests at trade, insurance company and industry level.

Car Craft Accident Repair Centres

Car Craft Accident Repair Centres are a group of quality smash repairers and panel beaters that are the recognised leaders in the smash repair industry and the first choice of the motoring public for smash repairs and motor vehicle maintenance.

Membership is by invitation and the Board of Directors conducts checks to ensure that the prospective member will enhance the image and maintain the standards of quality workmanship and superior service expected from Car Craft Smash Repairers and Panel Beaters!

Sommerville Car Craft Signage

Customer Service

For Car Craft Accident Repair Centres, superior customer service is about identifying and satisfying customer concerns. Car Craft conducts workshop inspections to ensure quality of work, customer service and shop presentation standards are maintained.

Customers are invited to complete a “Customer Satisfaction Response Survey” form supplied as they take delivery of their repaired vehicle. Unfavourable comments are followed up and a resolution to problems are actively pursued through the Car Craft Group head office.

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