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Smash Repair FAQ


The modern day vehicle is so packed with technology that most owners don’t realise that the car they are driving is constantly processing data to protect them and their occupants from an accident or to minimise an impact to ensure the safety of people both in the vehicle and those outside of the vehicle.

The buzz words are Advanced Driver Assistance Systems or ADAS for short, ADAS has been an integral part of our vehicles for over 20 years, while these systems used to be only part of a prestige vehicle, they are now in every vehicle from the smallest Toyota or Mazda to our SUV’s and four-wheel drives.

These systems operate such things as the lane departure warnings or warnings of impending vehicles stopping in front us, adaptive cruise control and the radars plus camera’s in our cars all designed to keep us safe.

In nearly 90 percent of cases the systems should be scanned and checked both before and after the repairs are completed and subject to those scans most vehicles will need to have the systems recalibrated to ensure all the safety systems are functioning correctly, make sure you discuss ADAS with your Car Craft repairer.

A question that is very often asked by our customers is ‘how long will you have my car?’ and as you can imagine the answer is not as straight forward as we hope.
The road to repairing your car has many factors, the initial estimate is sent to your insurance assessor who will discuss the repair with your Car Craft repairer, and together they will reach an agreement on the preferred repair method and from here we can now focus on the next steps, such as what parts are required and how long these may take to arrive. In current times of Covid it is taking longer to source some parts.

And depending on your individual circumstance, you car may be drivable and therefore delays such as parts may not impact the process too seriously, if it is not drivable this can slow the operation down, however your Car Craft repairer will do everything they can to keep you informed.We find at Car Craft that to ensure your car is repaired properly we like to slow the process down ever so slightly, make sure we get it right and you get the result you deserve.Your Car Craft repairer is only too happy to discuss the process with you and walk you step by step how we manage your repair.So if it take two days or two weeks be comfortable in the knowledge the at a Car Craft repairer you are our 1 st priority.

Why not choose your own repairer, many insurers provide you the freedom to choose your own repairer and you should ensure when you contact your insurer you advise the claims contact that you want to go to your chosen Car Craft Repairer.

Some insurers send you to their preferred repairer which generally is someone that may have a contract with that insurer to fix your car to a price not a standard, and may not use the parts a Car Craft repairer would, or decide on a different repair process from your Car Craft repairer.Always ensure the repairer you decide on is well trained, with their technicians constantly upskilling about new technologies, make sure the repairer has the correct equipment to fix you car correctly,this is not a one size fits all process.

And remember if one repairer tells you it’ll only take two days and your Car Craft repairer tells four days ask why is there a different process, are parts not being replaced or is the damage being repaired correctly as per manufacturers specifications?