Business Development Workshops

Business Development Workshops

Car Craft | June 8, 2017

Car Craft WA has in partnership with the Small Business Development Corporation, been able to secure business development workshops for our shareholders.

We would like to thank Pia (Motor Trades Association of WA) in assisting us in putting these courses together.

These business development workshops were originally going to be offered to Young Guns group, but upon review we felt that they would be beneficial to Owners, Young Guns and Employees.

The workshops will cover a range of topics and will held at Car Craft House over the next six months and will cover topics such as Understanding Business Financials, Marketing your Business, Website Planning, On Line Marketing – Do It Yourself and the 12 Step Business Plan, each course runs for approximately three hours.

The below table confirms the dates scheduled for each workshop:

Wed 21.06.17Understanding Business Financials4pm to 7pm (3 hrs)
Thurs 13.07.17Spreading the Word – Marketing Your Business4pm to 7pm (3 hrs)
Wed 09.08.17Website Planning4pm to 7pm (3 hrs)
Thurs 14.09.17Online Marketing – Doing It Yourself4pm to 8pm (4 hrs)
Wed 15.11.17The 12 Step Business Plan4pm to 7pm (3 hrs)