Next Gen Recycling

Next Gen Recycling was established to assist the smash repair industry in the collection and removal of automotive plastics from their businesses.


Did you know that 100 plastic automotive bumpers takes up two (2) vehicle bays of space when you carefully stack them up. This is a lot of value real estate tied up in storing waste materials.

Benefits to the Industry

  1. Keeps your businesses looking clean, neat and tidy;
  2. All items handled in an environmentally responsible manner;
  3. Low cost service to the industry;
  4. Regular collection service provided; and
  5. No minimum quantities required.

Collectible Items

Next Gen Recycling is happy to collect the following items:

  1. Automotive plastic bumpers;
  2. Other automotive plastic parts;
  3. Clear shrink wrap; and
  4. Clear bubble wrap.

A receipt is issued at the time of collection to prove to your customer that the items are being disposed of in an environmentally friendly manner and not disposed of in landfill sites.

Plastic Recycling

Next Gen Recycling processes the collected plastic through a process of shredding and granulating the product.  This granulated product is then used in producing:

  1. Plastic farm fence posts;
  2. Plastic lumber; and
  3. Many other plastic components.

Interested in the Service?

For those businesses interested in utilising the services of Next Gen Recycling, please complete the following document:

  • Service Agreement

If you would like further information, please contact Car Craft on (08) 9356 9188 or via email