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Alloy Wheel Repairs

wheel repair

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Contrary to popular belief, alloy wheels can be repaired assuming they aren’t completely bent out of shape and ruined.

Cosmetic blemishes on your alloy wheels like small scratches, grazing and dents can be repaired, and in some cases, even slight buckles can be trued with no issues.
Having your alloy wheel repaired is a cost-effective alternative to replacing your wheel.

It restores the performance of your vehicle and helps you avoid any further damage to your car, with any type of impact on wheels make sure that your car craft repairer has your vehicle wheel aligned to ensure you are gaining the most out of your wheel repair.

With advanced mobile wheel repair technology and expert technicians, we’ll get your wheels looking like back to their original condition.

At car craft will make sure your car has wheels looking brand new will add more value while you are selling it.

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